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McGuire Publishing is the only publisher you'll ever need to self-publish your how-to book, novel, newsletter, magazine, mini-mag, etc.!

McGuire Publishing has been in business for three years. We have published numerous issues of a doll crafting magazine, a unique photographic doll comic book, how-to crafting books, and several newsletters.

If you would like to self-publish a novel, how-to book, or any other creative expression, we would like to help!

Please note that you will submitting all creative work to McGuire Publishing for the preparation of film and print. Upon completion and approval, printing will be arranged at the very best cost for the best quality of your publication. All costs for preparation for print, and the printing itself, will be PAID FOR BY THE AUTHOR. We will handle all isdn and isbn registration, bar codes, etc.

Also note that any marketing assistance is extra, however, we will be happy to advertise on this web site, if you so desire.
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Available titles from McGuire Publishing:
"Designer Dolls" Magazines (doll crafting magazines)
(please add .95 postage for up to 3 magazines)
July/Aug 1999 (Premier Issue)(rare)
Sept/Oct 1999
Nov/Dec 1999
Jan/Feb 2000
Mar/Apr 2000
May/June 2000 (rare)
July/Aug 2000
Sept/Oct 2000
Nov/Dec 2000
Jan/Feb 2001
Mar/Apr 2001 (rare)
"Agatha Dish, the Dolly Detective" (photographic doll comic book)
"The Art of Fashion Doll Customizing"
"The Natural Garden" (a newsletter of organic gardening techniques)
"Cooking For The Holidays" (a newsletter of recipes & holiday crafts)
"Mystical Jewels" (a metaphysical newsletter & catalog of hard-to-find items)
For prices and more info, please inquire by email!